‘Flood gawkers’ making a bad situation worse for South Carolina homeowners

(WBTW) – Historic flooding in South Carolina has transformed familiar sights into something unrecognizable, turning roads to rivers traversed by kayakers instead of cars.

The images can be gripping, powerful and have moved some people to venture out to see it with their own eyes; even driving down flooded roads to get a closer look.

Those adventures, however, can cause unintended consequences as vehicles create wake, that turns to waves lapping against homes.

It’s the same idea as a boat, and though it may not seem like much of a difference, for many homeowners an inch or two is the only difference between having the water outside, come in.

At higher speeds the wake becomes even more destructive, “it literally knocked down all of these bricks,” said Brian Brown who lives on Rosewood Drive by the Socastee boat landing in Myrtle Beach.

The road is knee high in water or deeper, flooded by the Intercoastal Waterway and “there’s at least 15 to 20 cars that come through here trying to get a look at it,” he said.

Brown says the gawkers have made a bad situation even worse, “especially with the big trucks, they think its funny, they step on the gas and it creates all these wakes.”

Those wakes have damaged his front walk way, pushing large brick blocks from their place.

He hopes authorities will block off flooded roads to protect home owners until the flooding subsides.

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