K-State police looking for tips after bull found dead

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The K-State Police Department is asking residents and college students to send them tips after a bull was found dead on campus.

Sunday morning, according to police, a student working at the Purebred Beef Unit barns north of campus found the bull shot to death in a pen.

The pens for the unit are not protected by cameras, just by simple latches.

“Much of the labor at these units is conducted by students. So students are going to these places on a regular basis so they’re relatively open,” said Ken Odde, the department head for Animal Sciences and Industry at K-State.

The undergraduate who found the bull, one of 33 in the pen, called the police.

And when police arrived, they were able to determine more about the animal’s death.

“It was shot more than one time,” said Maj. Don Stubbings.

Stubbings also said the bull was shot up close.

“Something like this is very unique which is why we’re aksing the public’s assistance in trying to identify any suspects,” said Stubbings.

According to Stubbings, this type of crime does not happen often and the impact of the animal’s death is already having an impact.

“This particular animal was one of the bulls that was being prepared for our bull sale next spring,” said Odde.

The profits from that sale help to pay the students who work at the unit. Odde would not say how much the bull would have sold for, but he did say it could have been thousands of dollars.

“Something like that is senseless,” Stubbings said.

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