Kansas hospitals working to promote more breastfeeding

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) — Breastfeeding isn’t being encouraged by hospitals nearly enough according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Six in 10 mothers stop breastfeeding earlier than they should.

Haley Swarts, a new mother, made the choice to breastfeed her son Camden Kramer for several reasons; “the bonding, and then also to cut down for his sickness and stuff like that.”

The ability and knowledge to continue to breastfeed came from resources at the Geary Community Hospital. The hospital offers a program called Delivering Change, Healthy Moms Healthy Babies. It provides help from pregnancy to delivery; from classes, to midwives, to even checking in a day or two following birth.

“[To] make sure everything is going well, that the breastfeeding is going well for both mom and for baby,” Delivering Change Program Coordinator Jill Nelson. She says following up post-birth has encouraged breastfeeding to continue at home.

They also provide important equipment to encourage moms to breast feed their babies, like rental breast pumps.

“Right now we have approximately 18 pumps that are available for rent, for a $50 fee a mom can rent a pump and keep it for as long as she needs,” says Nelson.

The hospital program is called High 5 for Mom and Baby. It’s five steps they practice with each and every mom and baby; immediate skin-to-skin contact, no food or drink other than breast milk, no pacifiers…

“We do not send the babies at night to the nursery, they are in the room with the mom,” says Melissa Wells, Women’s Center Unit Manager. “It’s promoting that bonding that mom is able to really learn and pick on her baby’s hunger cues.”

Click on Stormont-Vail and or on St. Francis for more information about breastfeeding clinics that are available here in Topeka and the multiple programs to help mothers with breastfeeding.

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