Online threat, missing knives at Marysville High

MARYSVILLE (KSNT) — On Wednesday morning, the Marysville Police Department and Marshall County Sheriff’s Department learned about an online threat from an unknown location that was traced back to someone believed to be from Marysville.

Awareness of the threat and missing knives in the Junior/Senior High cafeteria led to an announcement requesting all students and teachers “remain secured in their rooms.” The Elementary Campus and the two private schools in Marysville were not involved.

A statement from Bill Mullins, Superintendent of Schools, says, “We never believed that students were in danger but we wanted to be thorough in our investigation and this also presented us an opportunity to conduct a drill while we were also conducting our investigation.”

Due to safety concerns and in order to comply with law enforcement, all students were searched privately in the presence of an adult staff member of the same gender. However, the missing knives were not found and investigation into their disappearance continues.

Mullins adds: “I know this was a stressful time for students, staff, parents, and the entire community. Our goal is to make sure our children are safe here at school. We learned many valuable lessons today that will help us do a better job in the future of protecting our students and staff. The students did a tremendous job of taking shelter and following the instructions of school personnel. They are to be commended for their cooperation in a stressful situation.”

If you have any questions or concerns, Mullins says he can be contacted at the District Office.

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