Criminal ‘cops’ yet again trying to scam Riley County residents

RILEY COUNTY (KSNT) — It seems they’re at it again. Scammers are once again posing as officers with the Riley County Police Department. Now, the real RCPD is reminding residents to be on guard.

Basically, the criminals use technology to mirror the department’s phone number on Caller ID. The “cop” calls you, stating that “there are warrants (or a warrant) out for your arrest.”

According to the department, RCPD’s outgoing phone number should not appear as “785-537-2112” and calls with this number on Caller ID should raise suspicion. Remember: RCPD does NOT accept bond or payments over the phone, via gift card, wired payment, or mailed check. If you receive this phone call, do NOT provide personal or banking information.

You can confirm whether or not you have an active warrant in Riley County by contacting RCPD directly at 785-537-2112 or visit their online warrants page. Remember, you can call the PD’s number directly; but do not accept a call that comes in with that same number! It is an incoming line for the department, not an outgoing one.

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