Facebook tests upgrading ‘like’ button with reaction emojis

(WTNH)– Today Facebook revealed a new take on the “like” button and it is not the widely talked about “dislike” button, but instead it’s emojis.

Techcrunch.com reports that Facebook will now have “reactions,” which are a new set of six emojis that will be alongside the original thumb-up “like” button. Users will finally be able to go beyond just “liking” something and chose from Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry.

Photo: techcrunch.com
Photo: techcrunch.com


Facebook told Techcrunch.com that “reactions” will start out as a test in just their Spain and Ireland market, before they decide whether to tweak it and roll it out further. The “reactions” are expected to appear across both mobile and desktop version of the app and on posts in New Feeds, whether from friends, pages or advertisers.

Besides the fact that users wanted more options and emotions other than just a “like” to show how they feel about a post, there was also the issue of mobile devices, where users may not want to tap a response.

“Typing on mobile is difficult and this is way easier than finding a sticker or emoji to respond to in the feed,” said Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s director of product.

Mosseri adds that once “reactions” make their way on to your feed, there is no way of turning them off like you could do for comments.

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