New tool for mixing medications and driving

TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s at your fingertips, Roadwise RX. A website that can help the 70% of Americans who take prescription drugs. It allows you to see side effects of different medications, if you were to add food or other medicines to it and would could happen if behind the wheel.

“This impacts all the way from teens to seniors, age 50 and older,” says Kimberly Qualls, KDOT spokeswoman.

There were nearly 500 of the crashes in Kansas last year that were caused by drivers under the influence of medication.

And nationwide, “over 9.9 million people, age 12 or older, actually reported driving under the influence of a prescribed drug,” says Qualls.

Which is why, “you want to know how that medication affects you, before you try to drive or operate other machinery,” says Craig Walkenshaw, a Stormont-Vail pharmacist.

Walkenshaw says though the site should not be the primary resource of drug information but it’s a, “good tool to get a conversation started between patients and care givers about medications and risks associated with those as far as driving.”

A discussion both medical providers encourage everyone to have. If you are interested in checking any of your medication against the list CLICK HERE.

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