Overbrook man shot in home invasion

OVERBROOK (KSNT) — An Overbook man is in critical condition Thursday night after being shot by his neighbor during a home invasion.

Just after 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning, Osage County dispatch received a call from a resident in the 900 block of Oak of an intruder in their home.

Five minutes later, dispatch received another call from a man who said he had been shot by his neighbor.

“She told him to get out. He didn’t. He took another step towards her and she fired one shot,” Police Chief Terry Hollingsworth tells KSNT News.

The homeowner, whose name is not being released, confronted 48-year-old Bruce Jolly breaking into her home.

Police say Jolly approached her, after a few verbal exchanges she fired her nine millimeter hand gun, one shot to the abdomen.

“It’s kind of shocking in a small town like this to see something like this happen,” says neighbor David Gerisch.

David Gerisch lives next door to Jolly, and across the street from the shooter, and says Jolly has a sketchy past.

“I would have taken the exact same action that she would have. I believe she did the right thing in protecting her child from an unknown intruder,” Gerisch says.

Thursday morning, KSNT News received a phone call from a viewer in Overbrook, saying the surveillance camera at his liquor store also caught Jolly breaking into cars around his store.

Chief Hollingsworth tells us his department received reports of vehicular burglaries about three weeks ago.

Jolly is facing possible charges of aggravated burglary, damage to property and vehicular theft. This a joint investigation with the Overbrook Police Department and the Osage County Sheriff’s Office.

Jolly was transported by Osage County EMS to Stormont-Vail in Topeka.

As far as the homeowner, officials say no charges will be brought against her because it was self-defense.

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