Royals fans fierce in Manhattan

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Loyal Royals fans have had Royal fever all season. All in anticipation for another postseason run.

And those fans, new and old, filled the wooden benches and bar stools at Kites Grille and Bar in Manhattan Thursday night.

Kites, which has been ranked the number one sports bar in the country, made it easy for fans. The game was on every single television including the wall of televisions in the new addition.

And for one Royals fans, those TVs made all the difference.

“I think the atmosphere. Like being around other people and all the TVs everywhere, kind – it’s kind of fun. The atmosphere is fun,” said Brenna Derowitsch.

Derowitsch was decked out in Royals blue and sitting with two friends during the game.

She wasn’t the only one. Wait staff and bartenders at Kites were also sporting blue.

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