Friends search for woman missing from Jackson County

MERIDEN (KSNT) – After almost three weeks, friends and family of Joan Rebar want answers.

Rebar, 70, was last seen at the VFW Post 10815 in the early morning hours of September 26th. Tammy Clark and Melanie Ann Bell, friends of Rebar, said she was there for a dance.

Both women said Rebar left alone and has not been heard from since then.

And the silence is weighing heavily on Bell.

“I just want to find her. I love her so much,” Bell said through tears. She was sitting on the patio of the blue and white VFW where her friend was last seen.

Bell and Rebar have known each other for more than a decade and Bell was the one to realized something was wrong.

Rebar, according to Bell, usually goes back to the VFW in Meriden on Tuesdays at noon for lunch. It was her absence from lunch and a call from a cleaning service on Wednesday Sept. 30 that made Bell call the police.

“I was just shaking. I was scared,” Bell said about her call to police. “My mind was just going all over the place. What’s going on, where could she be. What’s happened?”

Rebar lives on the Prairie Band Potowatomi Reservation, almost halfway between Meriden and Holton. Both law enforcement agencies conducted a search on Oct. 10.

Helping that search were officers from the Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Those officers used sonar to search the bottom of Perry Lake. The lake falls within the seven mile radius of the last known “ping” from Rebar’s cell phone.

“When you see an object that’s up off the bottom, it’s it’s pretty noticeable,” Lt. Eric Deneault said. “And once we find something that looks a little suspicious then we’ll spend some time and go back over it.”

Searchers looked at the boat ramps that lead into the lake as well as access roads close to the lake. But they did not find anything related to the search.

A Silver Alert for Rebar is still in effect. Anyone with tips about Rebar’s location or if they see her 2005 Chrysler Pacifica can call either the Jackson County Sheriff’s Officer at 785-364-2251 or the Potowatomi Tribal Police at 785-966-3042.


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