Topeka City Council discusses potential east Topeka interchange

TOPEKA (KSNT) — To move ahead with the idea or not. That was the question before the Topeka City Council Tuesday night as it debated a proposed I-470 interchange at California Avenue.

The council threw many questions at Deputy City Manager Doug Gerber and City Manager Jim Colson.

Like how much will this project cost? What is the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s financial role? And why must the city pay of the $40,000 interchange study, when KTA initiated the building of an interchange?

One resident even presented his own drawing to the council, eliminating 29th street all together and suggesting placing the interchange on 30th street.

“At the meeting, a lady that was there, the pastor’s wife who belongs to that church on 29th Street, they are planning on putting a retirement center there. If you eat up their property there goes their facility,” east Topeka resident Ed Fitzgerald tells the council.

So what’s next? The council plans to pick an interchange design to be studied next week.

This evening it looked like the council was leaning towards putting it at 29th (option 2).

During next week’s vote, the council will pick a location for study, but is not committing to either that location or an interchange at all.

Bottom line, the city wants the Kansas Turnpike Authority to pay for the study not them.

I-470 option 1    I-470 option 2  I-470 option 3  I-470 option 4

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