Topeka Fire Department reflects following Kansas City building collapse

TOPEKA (KSNT) — It’s been eight years since the Topeka Fire Department lost a firefighter in the line of duty.

Now a building collapse in Kansas City that took the lives of two firemen, has the department taking a second look at some of its own policies.

“The fire department in general is a family, so we’re all affected by it,” said Michael Martin, Topeka Fire Marshal, but they want to make sure something like that doesn’t happen here.

That’s why leaders here at the Topeka Fire Department spent Tuesday morning discussing and evaluating their current training procedures.

Martin says the Department typically reflects after tragedies like this, but, “Firefighting is inherently a dangerous job, and you can train and you can have everything go right and that doesn’t mean that things aren’t going to go wrong,” said Martin.

Crews are constantly training at a facility in Downtown Topeka to prepare for almost anything, but out in the field, “It’s controlled chaos…fire departments don’t typically get called to a place where everything is going correctly. We get called somewhere where everything is going wrong,” said Martin.

So for now nothing’s changing. The Department will continue taking precautions, practicing, and watching out for each other as best they can.

To help with that, the fire department tells KSNT News they have specific officers at every scene charged with looking out for the safety of the fire crews.

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