Royals fever in Topeka

TOPEKA (KSNT) — It’s everywhere you turn: Royals, Royals, and more Royals. Fans and businesses are showing their support for the team. Eagle Auto Wash, for example, is one of the many businesses posting signs supporting the team.

“Because we like the Moose,” says JP Smith. “Moose” is Mike Moustakas, a third baseman for the Royals.

Smith says the Royals’ success is contagious: “It’s good for everybody. Everybody has Royals shirts on and everything when they come in. It’s cool.”

If you’re not seeing Royals support as you drive around town, then you’re seeing it on fans who are buying more gear to represent their team.

Like Kate Latta, who was buying five Royals shirts “because we all like the Royals and want them to go on.”

Vickie Howard, another fan, said, “[I bought] a hat for my husband to wear, and a jersey for myself, and a scarf — blue scarf, royal blue scarf.”

Lance Feyh is going to the game and made sure to have his Kansas City Royals support on his car for tailgating. “I bought an emblem for my car, and so you start to see that more often, too, and it’s really nice,” he said. “It’s like when motorcyclists pass each other; they do their little wave like that, you know, so now it’s kinda cool to see the Royals fans passing each other and acknowledging one another.”

Bars and restaurants are enjoying the Royals postseason play just as much as fans are.

“It’s amazing,” says Staci Dillingham, co-owner of Tailgators Sports Pub & Grub. “It’s like March Madness in October and with baseball. We love it and business is great.”

So whether Royals fans are at the game, in a bar, or at home, there’s one thing they know for sure: Kansas City wants it more.

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