Young burn victim back at school, preparing for more surgeries

Jayden Beddo, age 7

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Ten months after being severely burned, 7-year-old Jayden Beddo is back at school and preparing for more surgeries.

Jayden’s family said a stranger set her hair on fire, though according to police, the investigation is still open and they have no leads.

Click here for a look at Jayden’s Journey.

Jayden suffered serious burns on her head and hands and endured countless medical procedures since January 2015.

Now she is in second grade at Stout Elementary, and she is happy to be back at school.

“Stout’s the best school ever!” she said.

Principal Jennifer Short said Jayden embraces her story, openly showing the bald spots on her head.

The bald spots are Jayden’s only concern now. It will take two more surgeries and several other procedures to get her hair back.

“I’m not scared to get surgery because, the doctor, he said it’s just surgery and it won’t hurt you or anything,” said Jayden.

Jayden’s next surgery is scheduled during spring break, according to her family. Doctors will insert a balloon in her head and fill it with liquid each week. The idea is to stretch the skin enough to cover the largest bald spot on her head with hair.

Her family told KSNT News Jayden will have to miss some school at the end of the year, but they’re hopeful this will all be over by the time she starts third grade.

Principal Short said Jayden loves learning and the school will do everything they can to make sure Jayden stays on track.

Jayden’s sister Caitlyn Beddo – a freshman at Topeka West High School – said, “To be a joyful little girl and having that happen to you, honestly, that’s more strength than I know of anybody to have.”

Police said the investigation into the burn incident is still an open case. If you know anything about this incident, contact the Topeka Police Department.


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