Drone registration in Kansas

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Drones are an item that are anticipated to fly off the shelves this holiday. But even with their growing popularity, they’re plagued with controversy.

With the FAA’s new regulations, hobbyist drone operators will need to register their devices with the federal government, which may affect a lot of current drone users.

That’s why the FAA and states have been grappling with how and where to use them. Just last week, there was a state “summit” in Wichita about the devices and their use. Many hobby stores still anticipate selling tons of these for the holidays in spite of all the controversy.

“And drones sales take up a large portion of that,” says hobby shop owner Rich Zeller. “Many family’s come in to buy them for them for five, six year-olds, up to the 55 and 60 year-olds.”

And according to the Electronics Consumer Association, they expect 700,000 to sell nation-wide.

So if you’re looking to buy a drone strictly for fun, buy one that is smaller and restricted to lower altitudes. Those will be exempted.

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