Making Strides Against Breast Cancer: Survivors share stories

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Over 2,500 Kansans, survivors, fighters, family members, and even neighbors came together by running or walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer annual event — all to raise money for breast cancer research.

Sunday afternoon, KSNT News caught up with a few of those survivors as they shared their stories.

“I met none of the high risk criteria. None. I didn’t have family history, I wasn’t overweight, and I never smoked. I was very healthy,” says seven-year survivor, Penny Jambold.

Penny Jambold, Amy Chandler and Jennifer Kidd are three women who come from different backgrounds, but share similar stories. They are all breast cancer survivors.

“I am happy to say I am breast cancer free today,” says Kidd.

Jennifer Kidd is a mother and teacher in the Auburn-Washburn school district.

A couple of months after having her son, she was diagnosed with late stage two and early stage three breast cancer. One year and a couple of month later, she is breast cancer free.

“My tumor was hidden in a milk duct, and so we had just kind of kept note of it,” says Kidd.

Penny Jamvold is a single mother of a 15-year-old son, diagnosed at the early age of 34.

“Thirty-four is way earlier than people normally have a mammogram. I am so thankful my doctor thought she felt something, sent me in and they found it early,” says Jamvold.

The American Breast Cancer Society suggest that women start receiving a mammogram by the age of 40, but that sometimes can be too late. Experts suggest women and men do self and clinical examinations as early as 20-years-old.

It was September 23, 2011 when Amy Chandler received her cancer news. She detected the lump through self-examination and then contacted her doctor.

“You know, I called my mom — that was the next thing. That was the hardest phone call I’ve had to make, and then my journey started,” says Chandler.

Four years later she is completely healed.

Penny, Jennifer and Amy may have won their battle, but there is still many men and women fighting this disease.

The walk will raise money to go toward research and honor those who have battled and are continuing to fight.

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