K-State tries to bounce back from Saturday’s thumping

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder, center, stands with his team during the first half of an NCAA college football game against TCU in Manhattan, Kan., Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Courtesy: K-State Athletics

K-State Weekly Football Press Conference

Head Coach Bill Snyder
On traits of past teams bouncing back from three-straight losses…
“Well, you know it is not so much losing three in a row as it is how badly we were defeated this last week is probably the most significant thing. But, if you go back, as recently as two years ago, I think we started the season off 2-4 and then players came back and we won six out of the last seven, including the bowl game. I can relate back to that group. I think the biggest thing that allowed that to happen was young guys realizing that there was a reason for them to be confident, if they did things that they have not done up to that point of time. When I say they, it is just not the players, but players, coaches – like myself, in particular – which in reality meant that previous to that we had taken some things for granted. Consequently, we got back to doing the things that we were capable of doing and a big part of it was – as I remember now – having meetings with players about how we practiced and not taking our practices for granted. The effort level stepped up, the focus stepped up and the discipline stepped up, as I recall. I think that had an impact. That is my best guess in what impacted the turnaround with those guys. They were not necessarily going through all the same things that we are going through right now, so I do not think we were hurt by a great deal of injuries at that time, if I recall correctly, but a variety of other things. Anyway, that is how I remember that particular year. Going back to the others, I would have to do some better research to give you a better answer.”

On the biggest issues with the offense…
“There is not necessarily one major issue. I think it is broad based and there are quite a few things. Some of them are reasonably simple to perceive and are virtually the same things you ask about or the media ask about on a pretty regular basis. You know, it is one of things of what do you need to do to win in that category. Those are some of the things that we are not doing, so some of it has to do with that. You have to ask, ‘Why is that?’ It is easy for me to say we are at a 21-percent completion percentage – that is obviously one of the reasons for the inability to get ourselves successful first downs in third-down situations. You know, it is easy to take the statistics and read those off, but obviously, you have to dig deeper than that to understand why that is the case. I think it is a mixed bag as much as anything. Part of it is making sure we are getting into the right things from an offensive standpoint. By the same token, let us make sure that everyone is on the same page in regards to the execution of the things that we are doing and that we execute well. That means you take mistakes that were made – you know, he ran the wrong route, he over-threw the football, you missed a block or whatever the case may be – you just have to go back and address each one of them. That is why you practice. If you did not have those issues, you would not practice. So, it is a matter of trying to become more in depth with the skills that we have with both players and certainly coaches as well.”

On the 2009 loss at Texas Tech and how quickly you can bounce back…
“Well, we have addressed the impact that they can have on making a distinct turnaround, if you will. The important thing is what it takes. We have addressed the things that I think took place in that change of direction that we had. It was kind of a dramatic change for us at that time – it would have been for anybody. It really ignited the players for the rest of the season, I think. So, you have the capacity to do that, and we are not alone. You could go back and look at the teams that we have been involved with here in the last three weeks. We have all had similar type of ball games and have come back from it and have had great success beyond that: Oklahoma did with a loss to Texas, Texas did with a loss to TCU and so on down the road.”

On who the starting quarterback will be on Saturday…
“In all reality Joe (Hubener) will start the ball game, but I want to hold everyone accountable throughout the course of the week – all of us – myself included, in regards to how well we preform throughout the course of the week. That becomes important to us right now because we are not starting all over, but we are having to take a different direction, obviously. So, that makes everyone accountable.”

Junior Quarterback Joe Hubener
On the mentality of the team…
“Obviously there are a lot of people frustrated. The whole team is upset about what happened Saturday; it was embarrassing. It isn’t something we want to do and it isn’t something we want to be known for. We have to get that mentality that the game happened and it is in the past and we are going to look on to the next one.”

On finding the strength to move on…
“Looking back on the past, this team has been in this situation before. In 2003, that team lost three Big 12 games and ended up winning the Big 12. Two years ago, in 2013, we were 2-4 to start that season then they won six of the next seven.”

On his confidence level as of now…
“It’s fine. During the game it was pretty low. I mean that was embarrassing and it was rough. I can’t dwell on that – I have to put it behind me and know that the team has shown that we can be successful. I have shown that I can be successful and we have to put it together. I have to forget about what happened on Saturday and focus on practice.”

Junior Offensive Lineman Terrale Johnson
On bouncing back after Oklahoma…
“It is about bouncing back. It is going to be a big test because that is three losses and nobody wants to feel that again. The test is going to be what we do and getting out there and working. You can see it as a test or as another opportunity. We all want to get that win, so this week is going to be good for us.”

On Texas having a 2-4 record…
“Texas is a good football team, they are always good. I watched Texas when I was young and I could tell that even though they have a bad record, they have good players and good coaching. It is going to be a tough team, but we just have to get ready for this week and play well.”

On rallying behind Joe Hubener…
“It is a team thing and you cannot blame anything in the past on him. We all have to execute our jobs. Even though we have lost these past two games, he has done a good job. Whatever the coaches call, we have to execute it. We are not hanging our heads on Joe or anything; it is just a team thing. We all have to rally around each other and keep going.”

Junior Linebacker Will Davis
On last week’s game…
“I think a lot of guys were embarrassed, but considering all the facts, a lot of guys are hungry to get going. A lot of guys are hungry. We are getting ready for Texas, and that is about it right now.”

On what the coaches are comparing this 3-3 start to…
“I think the biggest thing we compared it to is that a couple years ago the football team started 2-4. We are 3-3 right now. That team turned it around, and they took it upon themselves to turn it around. That is the same thing we have to do. We have to take it upon ourselves as players to turn it around.”

On what was key to the last turnaround…
“The leaders of that football team put it on their shoulders to motivate guys it practice and in the film room to do just a little bit extra; to get a little bit better every day than maybe they had the last couple weeks, and change their mindset a little bit. That is how they turned it around.”

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