Kansas Sheriff issues warning of homes to avoid on Halloween

EMPORIA (KSNT)- Trick-or-treaterss don’t discriminate when it comes to picking which door to knock on. They’re there for one thing, the candy.

And that carefree attitude worries the Lyon County Sheriff, and now an Emporia mom who uses her home as a daycare center, “It surprised me, especially for the size of Emporia,” Michelle Adame said.

That’s because she just discovered that 11 people within one mile of her home are sex offenders, “It just goes to show you they can be anywhere,and anyone” Adame said.

That’s the point the Sheriff Jeff Cope wants parents to realize, “Probably the first year that we really tried to promote it.” He’s urging parents to check the Kansas Public Offender Registry, because 84 sex offenders can be found in the Emporia area alone. Which is 84 doors you don’t want your children trick or treating at.

“It’s not like someone is going to come right out and say, ‘Well, Hi! My name is blah,blah, blah, I’m a sex offender nice to meet you,” Adame said.

When I went online to find out which neighborhood has the most sex offenders I found that several of them list 425 Mechanic Street as their address, and that’s because it’s the jail, “We have to update their address to this address because that’s where they’re at,” Cope said.

But not all of them currently call the jail home, or will forever, so parents need to find out where they do live, “And it’s definitely something that I don’t do, feel like maybe I probably should,”

Something to be aware of if you go and look at the website is that it’s not just going to list sex offenders. There’s also going to be drug offenders and violent offenders listed amongst the sex offenders, so just because someone is on the on the site, does not mean that they are a sex offender.

To see the homes to avoid at Halloween, click HERENote:  You can search other counties within the Lyon County search engine.

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