Traffic study suggest improvements to six intersections in S.W. Topeka

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The area located just west of the Wanamaker corridor is becoming a heavy traffic area.

With growing development, state and city officials expect to see even more traffic flowing through the area soon.

“We are already approaching a threshold with exciting traffic with the intersections not handling the traffic,” says project manager, Brian Austin with Bartlett & West.

The local engineering and technology company conducted a traffic study six months ago.

Taking a closer look at the ‘capacity issues’ along the area bordering Southwest Arvonia, Huntoon, Wanamaker and 17th street, the study found six intersections that would call for adding additional lanes, traffic signals or roundabouts.

  • Huntoon and Wanamaker
  • Huntoon/Arvonia and Intersection I-470 exit
  • Arvonia and Winding
  • 17th and Arvonia
  • Wanamaker/Winding and I-470
  • Wanamaker and I-470 exit

“With improvements on the I-470 exit ramp, Huntoon and Arvonia will likely have a safety issue in the future if intersection improvements aren’t included with the traffic backing up on I-470,” said Austin.

Using current traffic data, the firm projected the areas growth to the year 2040.

Those involved with the study say there could be some potential development in the area soon. That includes hotels to restaurants.

Those who were in attendance weren’t opposed to the thought of developing the roadways, but they did have some concerns.

“I live on Urish, so I live through this stuff every day. I know where everything is at. I would just like to know how quick can we get this done?”

Now that the study is complete, the engineering company is waiting for the city and the Kansas Department of Transportation to give them the green light.

The estimated amount of this project is close to $15-million, but, it all depends on if it gets approved by the city.

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