Halloween traditions draw crowds in Shawnee County, Topeka

TOPEKA (KSNT) – For the last two decades, the Silver Lake fire and police departments have been starting kid’s Halloween nights off with fun and safety.

Which is exactly the point, according to Mack Smith, Mayor of Silver Lake.

“They’re here to have fun and they know they’re here to have fun,” Smith said about why almost 800 kids show up to the early evening event each year.

Local leaders hand out hot dogs, soft drinks and candy while reminding trick-or-treaters to stay with each other and wear reflective clothing while going house to house at night.

But the event is fun for the adults too.

“It’s a fun time to look and see what the kids are going to be wearing,” he said.

And the kids came dressed to impress.

There were witches, skeletons, mimes and the classic Dorothy in this Kansas town’s celebration.

For Topekans looking for something scarier while out collecting candy, there were several homemade haunted houses to send kids away shaking in their socks.

Donny Alejos and his wife Karla welcomed kids all night.

“They act really brave before they go through and then you hear them screaming,” Karla Alejos said about watching the reaction to her husband’s work.

According to Donny Alejos, he spends most of September and October working on bringing quality scares to his neighbors.

And some would say he did a good job.

“The chainsaw guy was pretty good. I think I did more screaming than her,” said Tana Ortiz about walking through the house with her 8-year-old daughter Victoria.

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