Second ‘Listening Tour’ held for USD 251

LYON COUNTY (KSNT) — The North Lyon County Board of Education held the second round of its “listening tour” Tuesday night.

The tour is an attempt to get residents on board with the district’s plan to consolidate three of its schools into one building.

Community members from across North Lyon County came to voice their concerns about merging three of the district’s schools into one big K-12 school. The overall feeling?

“I want my kid to be a part of this district,” said one frustrated parent. “I want them to come back to it, but I am telling you right now, I’m scared to death for this district.”

A $39 millon bond investment. That’s what the board was originally asking residents to approve back in October. Many of those in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting are split over combining the schools.

“If the bond had passed, it’s going to be less miles for my child to go to the proposed site than it’s for him to currently go to Reading as a 5-year-old,” said another parent.

Others say the board needs to put the school in a central location.

“Isn’t there a better location for something like this that would be closer to everybody?” said one Reading woman.

The board says, this time around, they’re providing all the information they can — especially better cost figures and potentially a model or renditions of what the new building would look like.

“I think that the common ground is there,” said another resident. “I just think that we need to come a little closer to a solution, because our students are the ones that will suffer if we don’t move forward.”

The board plans to review what was discussed at the two listening meetings tomorrow at their board meeting, then decide how to move forward.

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