Facebook pulls the plug following KSNT News investigation

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Facebook pulled the plug on a group that has been posting people’s credit card information less than 12 hours after a KSNT News investigation into the group.

We first heard of the problem from Jennifer Bohlander and Deborah Jackman, who each learned their stolen credit card information was posted for everyone to see. Facebook refused to act when they asked for action.

Their financial information was posted in a Facebook group called “CC Killers,” which listed everything from credit card numbers to addresses to phone numbers.

“A page on Facebook that, like, it posts people’s stolen information for anyone to use,” says Bohlander.

Computer experts tell us the group may have gotten the sensitive information from online data breaches.

When both women contacted Facebook, they were told the group wasn’t violating any of the social media site’s policies.

“They weren’t going to take down the page,” Bohlander told us.

So KSNT News contacted Facebook, asking why the group wasn’t being removed. Facebook’s community standards include keeping people’s accounts safe and personal information secure, yet here was the women’s credit card information.

“The site is still up and I just don’t understand that,” Jackman had said.

We told you their story Thursday night and sent the information about CC Killers to Facebook.

Facebook shut down the group on Friday morning, saying that it was indeed in violation of their community standards.

“I just hope that Facebook will be more diligent of realizing illegal activity and doing something about it much quicker,” says Jennifer, “and without so much outside pressure to do the right thing.”

But she’s thankful the site is gone and hopes this helps others.

“Super pleased that you guys would take up this story and would do something to help us out, and I’m sure the public appreciates it too,” she added.

But while the CC Killers public page has been taken down, there are still sites on Facebook that contain the same personal information. It’s a good lesson that people have to be vigilant in watching credit card statements for purchases they don’t make.

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