Topeka Police stop 186 cars at sobriety checklanes

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Police Department stopped 186 cars at sobriety checklanes Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, according to officials.

Police set up the checklanes at two locations:

  • 5500 Block of SW 29th
  • 3100 Block of S Topeka Blvd.


According to police, they stopped people for the following issues:

  • Possession of marijuana (2)
  • Drivers license violations (2)
  • DUI (2) – one was a felony, which means the person has had 3 or more DUI offenses in the last 10 years
  • Disobey lawful order (1) – police said this person failed to stop at the checklane after multiple orders by police

Police said one man racked up almost a dozen charges. According to police, he was a felon. He stopped at the checklane on SW 29th at first, but then he took off.

Police said he had a weapon, which felons aren’t allowed to have. Police said he crashed and took off on foot; that’s why they charged him for failing to report the accident and leaving the scene.

During the pursuit, authorities said he sped, drove through three stop signs, and ran a red light.

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