Residents fed up with Taylor street potholes and flooding

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The site of flooded yards, larges puddles and potholes, isn’t anything new for those who live off of NW Taylor Street.

“There is water standing in the streets for days after it rains,” says Mary Baker, a fed up resident who lives off Taylor and after all the rain this weekend, “I had nothing but a ton of water here at the end of my drive way and it’s just an inconvenience.”

And she is not alone in her frustration.

“The street is just pathetic,” says Linda Wiese, who has lived on Taylor Street for 40 years. She says she has complained to the city before about the potholes. She said they did come out, but only fixed one, “they can’t seem to just drive down the street and take care of it, you have to call and I didn’t know if I needed to call for every single pit hole”

Other residents like Hailee Simpson, a mother of four, says the constant flooding impacts the simple task for dropping her kids at daycare, just two blocks away. “It was to the point where it was clear up underneath my undercarriage and the next intersection my brakes did not work because there was so much water.”

But the constant flooding and issues with potholes isn’t something that residents are going to have to deal with for too much longer.

“They are widening it, they are putting in sidewalks, they are completely redoing that road,” says Sandra Clear, city council woman for district 2.

Thanks to the SORT grant, the city is redoing a number of streets. But Clear says they haven’t set date, yet. “It’s not a priority due to the fact it doesn’t have a traffic count but it is one of them that’s scheduled to be completed.”

Clear says the Neighborhood Association will meet December 7th where they will discuss prioritizing the various city street projects.

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