Mario Munoz trains for Blizzard Brawl

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Kansas Expocentre is holding their annual fight night Saturday, so many local fighters are training for their bouts. But how gruesome is their training regimen?

“When you’re out there in the ring, it’s just individual,” says Mario Munoz, cruiserweight boxer. “There’s no other person to blame you’re accountable for the outcome of the fight.”

Munoz is one of many fighters preparing for the Blizzard Brawl, an annual event at the Kansas Expocentre where fighting styles are showcased.

“It’s just going to be an awesome show, great fights,” says Fight Promoter Damon Reed. “I mean obviously we have Mario Munoz fighting Jim ‘The Warrior’ Franklin, which has been a 4-year wait for this fight.” And fans can stop waiting, as the fight is just around the corner.

That means a rigorous training schedule for Munoz. “With Mario, nobody works harder,” says Reed. “He’s a hard worker. He’s good. He’s steady in the gym all the time.” While he makes the training look easy, imagine if someone else was going through the drills — someone like KSNT News’ Zaldy Doyungan.

First Doyungan had the warm up to build up endurance. “Lots of cardio, lots of cardio,” says Munoz. “We have six rounds, 3-minute rounds, 60 seconds rest.” “All you have is one full minute to recover, listen, recuperate, and get back out there and get back in the action,” Munoz explains.

Doyungan struggled with his rope, but Munoz simply kept it going.

Next up was some work with the bags, working on power as well as technique. At this point Doyungan’s arms were aching and he wasn’t even in the ring yet. He then worked with Mario’s coach, who taught Doyungan combo movies to use.

Then, it was time for him to face Munoz. Munoz told Doyungan exactly what he’s thinking when he’s in the ring: “Just winning. It’s like a game of chess. What’s your next move? Offense. Defense. What’s he doing? Action. Reaction.”

Munoz and Doyungan’s bout lasted just a minute and, by the end of it all, Doyungan could barely walk. Doyungan said, “It shows how hard these guys train and, though he took it easy on me, same can’t be said for his opponent.”

“Expect a good fight,” Munoz said, “I never predict a stoppage, but one of us is going to get stopped Saturday.”

If you want to see Munoz and other fighters go at it, go to the Expocentre Saturday night. The event starts at 7 p.m.

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