Spenders optimistic this holiday season

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – There’s good news in job market today with 211,000 jobs being created this last month. Better yet, unemployment nationwide held steady at 5 percent and income was up slightly last month. And while the job market improves, that means people might be a little bit more liberal with their holiday spending.

It’s common to see an increase in in-store sales over the weeks ahead of Christmas, but online sales matter too for businesses.

“We expect our online to pick up from a year ago,” says store owner Jeff Levin.

“I’ll be spending a little more. There’s some optimism out there.”

But some people say that finances are still a bit of a problem. And splurging this year may still be a Christmas wish for them.

“We won’t be spending near as much as we had in the past,” says Manhattan resident Colleen Weilert. “Our finances are just not what they were a few years ago, so we are having to downsize.”

We learned Monday that Black Friday was underwhelming this year. We’ll see whether businesses and consumers have a Merry Christmas or a dreary one.

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