Courageous Colo. teen witnesses two major shootings in one month

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — A teenage girl in Colorado Springs said she was trapped inside King Soopers during the shooting on Black Friday in Colorado Springs and it was an all too familiar feeling after witnessing the shooting spree downtown only a month earlier.

“It was scary because I could have been one of the people who was shot,” said Miranda Shilter, a high school senior.

Shilter said the day of the Halloween shooting it started out as a typical day, but it quickly changed as she and her boyfriend were driving downtown and stopped at a stoplight.

“The cops drove up and they were yelling at him to put his gun down and so he turned to shoot at them and they had a small fire fight and he fled and they chased him,” Shilter said.

Shilter later came to find the scene downtown became deadly, killing four people including the gunman.

A month later the scene was similar when Shilter and her friend Jordan Younger were on lock down inside the King Soopers, the same shopping center where a major shooting left three people dead on Black Friday.

“It’s scary and at first you really don’t know what to do but for the second one I kind of knew the gist of what was happening and how to help calm other people down,” Shilter said.

She said the second time around was easier to deal with, but Younger praised her for staying positive since then.

“I feel like personally I wouldn’t be as positive with it if I went through two shootings in less than a month like she did,” Younger said. “She’s definitely one of the strongest people I know.”

Shilter said she doesn’t know how this could have happened, but with family and friends by her side she said she will move on.

“I’m definitely talking to people about it and trying to keep a positive note on it.”

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