Sexting from a stolen phone, protect your data

TOPEKA (KSNT) – We use them every day, to call, text and surf the web. But what if all that information ended up in the hands of a complete stranger.

“It was supposed to be a good thing but now it turned all bad,” says Sjohn Smith, who lost his phone on the way home from work one night. A few days later his daughter, female boss and others in his contact list started getting inappropriate texts and pictures Smith says, “it’s like a little traumatic experience and having my daughter come in talking about ‘he’s on the phone texting again’ and she’s completely over the cell phone experience now.”

“As soon as you put your personal information on a phone you should make sure that its pass code locked,” says phone expert Kenneth Kutina.

Adding a pass code allows you time to find your phone before someone takes or erases it. Another way to protect your personal information is by locking your SIM card with a pin number.

“that way if somebody does end up with your phone that you don’t trust, they can’t take the SIM card out of that and put it in their own device and use your service,” Kutina also says that sim card is the brains of your phone, “that card actually carries your phone number, your service, contacts if you have that and sometimes even information like how to pay your bill and stuff like that.”

So when using your phones, remember, adding a password to your phone and memory card isn’t just for privacy but for your protection. One other tip, the phone experts say it’s also a good idea to turn on the “Find My Phone” service that all cell phone providers offer. If you are unsure of how to turn on that service or code you sim card, just call your cell phone provider.

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