Topeka homicide victim had just been released from jail, recently engaged

Courtesy: Facebook

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Monday afternoon Topeka police identified the city’s latest homicide victim as 24-year-old Terrin Holloway.

Holloway’s body was found in a running car that was parked in the middle of the street Sunday morning at 4:30 in front of a home at 1035 SE Lawrence. Police still haven’t released how Holloway was killed, and so far no one has been arrested.

KSNT News went back to the neighborhood where Holloway’s body was found Monday, and met the woman who called 911 after finding Holloway’s bloody cell phone on her back porch.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified told KSNT News that she was woken up early Sunday morning because she saw bright lights through her bedroom window. After looking outside she immediately recognized the car, and ran out her back door which is when she found his cell phone. She then approached his car and could tell he was injured since his body was covered in blood, but it wasn’t until she touched him she realized he was dead.

KSNT News did some digging to learn more about Holloway and found a booking photo taken on November 29th 2015, at the Shawnee County Jail. Holloway had been serving time for drug charges, probation violations and a handful of other misdemeanors.

Holloway was released from jail just four days before he was killed, and according to Holloway’s Facebook account he had gotten engaged the next day after being released from jail.

As police continue investigating exactly what happened to Holloway, one neighbor has a theory about why his car was stopped with the engine running, “Initially I was like well maybe he was probably trying to get to a hospital or something,” neighbor Stacey Metcalf said. “And that’s as far as he got.”

Metcalf grew up in Chicago, a city where a person is killed every two hours. When she moved to Topeka with her family her hope was she had finally escaped the crime. Now she’s wishing she was back home, “Even with all the stuff that’s going on there now, I still felt a lot safer there than I do here,” Metcalf said.

On December 10th 2015, just three days prior to Topeka Police opening a homicide investigation into Holloway’s murder, they responded to a double homicide on the same street, a little more than a mile away. That homicide claimed the lives of 20-year-old Daquhan Jackson and his cousin 29-year-old Mary Thomas. Police arrested 22-year-old Nicholas Phillips as the main suspect in the double homicide, he was behind bars when Holloway was killed.

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