Birmingham resident describes tornado that damaged neighborhood


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – On Christmas night, all along Jefferson Avenue, debris lines the streets from a tornado that packed a small but mighty punch, destroying at least three homes in the process.

When the tornado was in the area it was extremely loud, you could hear a consistent booming noise as the skies quickly darkened. It busted several windows on cars and homes including that of resident Loretta Scott who was inside with her son and her dog; but when she came outside she couldn’t believe the devastation.

An emotional Scott stressed the importance of finding safety: “When they say move, when they say it’s a tornado, when they say anything like that please find safety.”

Fire and rescue crews are on the scene searching through the wreckage.

Officials are reporting one person was taken to the hospital.

“There is no one else left in the houses that require any medical attention, we had one individual that required us to transport them to the hospital, but it was not a life threatening situation,” Mayor William Bell said when addressing the media. “Obviously we have power outages in this area, but city wide we do have flood issues, we’ve been out in the 5 mile creek area, and many roads are impassible because of the high waters in those areas including the pratt city area, there’s flood along village creek, we ask people to try and stay off the road if possible.”

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