People return their gifts the day after Christmas

TOPEKA (KSNT)  – Just after they had the wrapping torn off of them, Christmas gifts find their way back onto the shelves of local stores. According to the National Retail Federation, 15% of holiday sales are returned the day after Christmas. And last year, according to the Retail Equation, $284 billion were returned.

“It’s the biggest return day of the season,” says Academy Sports & Outdoors Manager Josh Garrett says. “People coming back, returning exchange. Some of the gifts they didn’t want or need. Probably get something they’d want or care more about.”

But the day after Christmas could almost be considered another Black Friday. In Topeka, some stores had lines outside of their doors before they opened.

“I want to say about 25 to 30 guests waiting outside,” says Target employee Brent Newsham. “About 50 carts worth, it was all gone in 10 minutes.

Whether something was too big or your aunt Terrie gives you the wrong gifts every year, holiday exchanges are just as much a Christmas tradition, as Christmas itself.

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