Mother Teresa to become Saint in September

In this February, 1986 file photo, Pope John Paul II holds his arm around Mother Teresa as they ride in the Popemobile outside the Home of the Dying in Kolkata, India. Mother Teresa, the tiny stooped nun who cared for the poorest of the poor in the slums of India and beyond, will be declared a saint next year after Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to her intercession. (AP Photo)

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) –  Mother Teresa, the Albanian nun who dedicated her life to the poor, is set to become a saint next September.

Sister Mary Johnice of the Response To Love Center in Buffalo says she models her life after Mother Teresa. She said, “Through her inspiration and following her through the years, I’ve really learned not to be like her, but to follow her example.”

Sister Johnice says she met Mother Teresa while studying in Philadelphia. She asked her if she could work with her and the sisters in Kolkata, But Mother Teresa turned her down, and said her work was needed here in Buffalo.

She said, “She told me, now go back to your neighborhood and find Kolkata,”

Now Mother Teresa is expected to be canonized in September. The nun renowned for caring for impoverished people in the slums of India died in 1997

Sister Johnice says she will be a “Saint of “today.”  “I think she is going to be a Saint for all of us, because we knew of her, we read about her life, and we wanted to do what she was doing,” said Johnice.

Saints are considered role models, and are believed to be capable of interceding with god on someone’s behalf. In most cases, two miracles are required to canonize a Catholic saint.

She said, “She needed two miracles and it happened!” The first was a young girl with a stomach tumor healed after prayer. Recently Pope Francis recognized a second miracle. A Brazilian man with brain tumors was healed after loved ones prayed to Mother Teresa, paving the way for sainthood.

She said, “She would not want to be revered, never. She was a humble person. She always said that she says its about God not about me.”

She tells us everyone can be a Saint. She said, “I don’t know if it takes miracles to be a Saint. I think it really takes being holy having a deep relationship with God, being a prayerful person, and we all have that opportunity, we all can be Saints.”

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