A second round of snow and ice is heading your way

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Another round of snow and sleet is heading right towards northeast Kansas. Street crews spent the day treating roads trying to melt ice before the second wind of winter weather hits.

“Started treating shortly before precipitation fall, we’ve had crews running around the clock since Saturday about noon,” says Ron Raines, superintendent of Topeka Transportation Operations.

The Topeka Transportation Department has been keeping a close eye on the weather heading this way. Keeping busy rotating more than 10 trucks, preparing the roads throughout the city.

“We’re just going to keep staff on board 24/7 around the clock until this next event gets through the area,” says Raines.

As far as salt, street treatment and equipment for a heavy snow, they have a lot.

Raines says they always stock pile all of the necessary materials earlier in the year.

“We’ve got adequate materials on hand to deal with an average winter, we just don’t know what the rest of the winter is going to bring us.”

As the trucks make rounds, city officials ask residents to be patient and of course when on the roads drive safe.

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