California woman caught on camera throwing dog into street

(KCRA) Disturbing video out of Fairfield, California shows a woman throwing a dog to the ground so hard the animal rolls several times across the pavement.

The footage shows a woman, identified by police as Brandi Chin, carrying her dog, named Ben, by the collar and tossing him into the street toward her ex-boyfriend.

Chin’s ex-boyfriend told NBC affiliate KCRA it was a “heat of the moment” kind of thing.

“Me and her were arguing about personal things,” he said. “It got blown up into something else and I think it just got out of hand.”

The ex-boyfriend said he had never seen her do anything like this before.

“She’s not an animal abuser. She’s never abused animals when I was with her,” he said.

Neighbor David Shields posted the video on social media. The footage garnered more than 44,000 views in the eight days since it happened.

Some viewers called police, and animal service officers spent hours looking for the woman, who may be hiding in Vallejo.

The man who shot the video told KCRA it isn’t the first time he’s seen the woman abuse her dog. He said he’s glad he caught it on camera this time.

David Shields posted the video on social media.

In the eight days since, the footage has been seen by over 44,000 people, some of whom called police.

Animal services officers responded to the calls and spent hours looking for Chin and her dog.

She is reportedly hiding out in Vallejo and could face fines and jail time if convicted of animal abuse.

Authorities said they will have the dog checked by a veterinarian once they find it.

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