Manhattan snow shoveling volunteer group growing

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The little bit of snow Manhattan got during the first winter storm of the season is still sticking to the sidewalks and walkways.

A a group of volunteers is keeping the shovels out for others.

“We have two components to it,” said assistant city manager Kiel Mangus. “The people in need and the people who volunteer.”

Those two groups are matched up in a program called City Snow Partners. The project started during the 2014-2015 winter season with approximately 20 volunteers and 45 people needing assistance, Mangus said.

This year, the group has nearly doubled with more than 40 people signing up to help shovel and nearly 80 people reaching out for assistance.

That growth, shows Manhattan Mayor Karen McCulloh how Manhattan residents always want to help.

“So it’s clear that we are assisting the elderly and people who (are in some) way disabled and making the people who own property and have a business shape up,” she said.

City Snow Partners volunteers are assigned someone to help based on their location. When it does snow, the program asks volunteers to “clear snow from all public sidewalks on the resident’s property and one walkway from the front door to the sidewalk,” the city website said.

Mangus said he’s seen many volunteers also shovel driveways too.

“We have enough trouble trying to keep up with the streets,” he said. “So, we thought we’d start something where your neighbor could help your other neighbor.”

And, snow shovel not required.

Mangus said the city does have a few shovels available for loan.

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