Aggieville prepares for New Year’s Eve

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The streets of Aggieville were quiet on Wednesday. But that won’t be the case Thursday night for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration.

“It’s like a giant family coming together and celebrating,” Aaron Apel said about the nearly 10,000 people who fill Moro Street for the end-of-the-year party. “Fifteen minutes before. Every year, fifteen minutes before, 11:45, it’s just amazing to see people come.”

For the past 13 years, Aggieville has celebrated with their own little apple which rises from behind the Varney’s Bookstore sign. The glowing red apple takes 10 seconds to rise to the top of a pole as the crowd heralds in 2016.

Something new will be joining the mix this year too.

“We took the proper steps, got the proper permits so we’ll actually be shooting fireworks off the buildings this year,” Apel, the Aggieville Business Association board of directors president, said Wednesday.

For residents who want to be in Aggieville Thursday before the party starts, there won’t be any parking in the area after 8 a.m. Even some of the larger parking lots in the area are now tow zones.

“The earlier you show up, the closer you’ll be able to get to the stage and to the presentation itself,” said Riley County Police Capt. Josh Kyle.

The stage will be in the front of Varney’s Bookstore at the intersection of Moro Street and Manhattan Avenue.

Throughout the night, a majority of Aggieville will be closed to cars. To keep cars out Moro Street, there will be barricades at entrances from Manhattan Avenue to N. 11th Street.

Police ask revelers to keep big bags at home for New Year’s Eve.

“We will not be checking bags or doing anything like that but we just ask because if something becomes unattended, if there’s a package or a bag that is unattended, it will draw police attention very quickly,” Kyle said.


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