We’ve Got Your Back: Christmas tree cleanup: What you need to know

EMPORIA (KSNT) — As we say goodbye to Christmas and hello to a new year, the cleaning up after the holiday celebrations can be a hassle. The lights, the ornaments, the decorations — it’s time to take it all down and box it up for the next year. And don’t forget: Toss out that tree, but not with the rest of your trash.

Keith Senn, solid waste manager for the City of Emporia, says that, “There’s really not room for a Christmas tree, so we try to provide as a convenience some locations where they can drop Christmas trees off within the city.”

The city of Emporia has three locations in town for an easy toss out. But before you do, remember to take off the ornaments and take it out of the bag. “We prefer that they’re out of the bag because if they’re not out of a bag then our staff has to do that before we can process the Christmas trees,” says Senn.

Not only is this an easy way for you to get rid of your Christmas tree, but all the trees are recycled right back to the community. “We grind up wood waste and use it for projects that are landfill, like silt control and that kind of thing. We also, any resident within Lyon or Chase County can come in and load their own trucks and take as many wood chips for landscaping or what other needs they might have,” says Senn.

So, as you’re cleaning up from the holidays and need to get rid of your Christmas tree, remember to look for the green bins and don’t leave ornaments on your tree or put it in a garbage bag. If you’ve done all that, all you have to do is take the tree and throw it in the bin.

Those who live in Emporia can toss their trees at Lyon County Fairgrounds at 12th and Industrial Road, Dillon’s East Grocery Store at 902 E. 12th Ave., or Guion’s Showcase at 2023 W. 6th.

If you live in Topeka, for the second year in a row you can donate your old Christmas tree to the Topeka Zoo. You can drop it off until Jan. 3. All trees must be clean and free of all decorations and tinsel. The zoo will give the trees to animals as part of its enrichment program. Some of the animals that will get the trees include lions, tigers, mountain lions, elephants, bears and giraffes.

Residents in Manhattan can bring their Christmas tree to a fenced in location on the northeast side of Long Park.

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