AG Schmidt sues Iowa Steak Company

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has sued a door-to-door meat sales company based in Iowa for violating Kansas’ consumer protection laws.

Schmidt filed the lawsuit in Shawnee County District Court against Christopher Maselka (an individual) and Iowa Steak Company, LLC (a.k.a. Iowa Steak Company or Iowa Steak). Maselka owns Iowa Steak Company, which has salespeople go door-to-door selling meat products.

The allegations include two violations of the Kansas Food Advertising and Sales Practices Act and five violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

A 1998 court order prohibited Maselka from engaging in such business practices in Kansas because of similar violations. At that time, Maselka was running the business with Rodney Y. Creighton and doing business under the name “America’s Choice Steak.”

Iowa Steak salespeople were recently spotted making sales in Overland Park and Lawrence.

To report an unlawful door-to-door sale or to report contact with this individual or company, call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 800-432-2310. You can also file a complaint online at

Schmidt wants to remind consumers that, under Kansas law, any door-to-door sale must include a three-day right to cancel. Additionally, the salesperson must inform the consumer of this right at the time of sale both verbally and in writing. The salesperson must also wait at least five business days to cash the consumer’s check. Anyone selling meat in Kansas is also required to have a retail meat license from the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

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