Topeka man loses nearly everything in string of north Topeka burglaries

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Employee Ethan Farr has been living at the Topeka Rescue Mission, on track to getting his life back in order.

But he came into work at this north Topeka business, to find everything he owns had been stolen.

“I saw that my little brother’s Schwinn bike that he let me borrow was gone. And I automatically assumed that most of my other stuff gone with it,” said Farr.

Farr and another employee arrived this morning to find the shop’s garage door propped up, a cash box and a cell phone on the floor, and this side door open.

It is believed that several people used a pry bar to force this door open, eventually breaking this bolt.

Tuesday night Amused Art Gallery along with Bath and Kitchen Showroom in north Topeka were broken into.

“The sort of took their time gutting the building,” said DeAna Morrison, owner of Amused Art Gallery.

All together more than $20,000 in merchandise, tools, artwork, banking information, a motorcycle, and a bicycle, and Farr’s welding gear was taken.

He had hoped to use his welding skills to get a good paying job.

“I can’t just decide I want to go weld because I don’t have my gear anymore, so that took away a really good opportunity to get a good job,” said Farr.

“It’s an invasion. It’s hard enough to make a living then the less having to make up for everything that gets stolen,” said William Knox, owner of Bath and Kitchen Showroom.

The business owners tell us police are investigating. According to them, detectives were able to collect evidence that was left behind.

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