New dietary guidelines focus on teen eating habits, sugar intake

TOPEKA (KSNT) – If you have a teenage boy at home, new dietary guidelines say he may need to eat less red meat.

These new guidelines recommend teen-aged boys and adult males are eating too much red meat. The guidelines say more nuts and seafood instead of red meat.

Not surprisingly, the new guidelines also suggest Americans lower their sugar intake.

And one local doctor understand that recommendation may be more of a necessity.

“(Americans consume) a hundred pounds of sugar a person,” per year Dr. Irving Cohen said. “That is ridiculous.”

In the new guidelines, Americans are encouraged to cut their daily sugar intake to 10 percent of the 2,000 calorie diet.

But is that enough?

Cohen doesn’t think so.

“That would still be about 50 pounds a person, a year, if we believe the Department of Agriculture’s consumption figures,” he said.

So what can parents look for before checking out at the grocery store?

“Read the labels,” Cohen said.

According to Cohen, eight ounces of orange juice has the same or slightly more sugar than eight ounces of pop.

He also said to shop for food that doesn’t come in a box.

“Try to find as much fresh food you cook yourself,” he said.

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