KHP asks public about tattooed troopers

TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Kansas Highway Patrol is looking beyond the surface when it comes to recruiting and applicants with tattoos may actually get a shot.

The Kansas Highway patrol is down in manpower by 100 officers, short of the 500 they need.

“Recruitment is always something we are looking at and we don’t want to lose a good candidate,” says Lieutenant Adam Winter.

That’s why the troopers are looking for more ways to attract more applicants and have opened up a survey for the public on social media and their website. Asking people what they think of tattoos on the officers.

“The Highway Patrol has a rich tradition of being very professional,” says Lieutenant Adam Winters. “We want to get the public’s opinion of what they think of having visual tattoos on their officers.”

Since 2008 the Kanas Highway Patrol has maintained their policy that while a trooper is in uniform, offensive tattoos cannot be visible. That includes their hands, neck, and face.

Lieutenant Winters told us they’re taking the feedback they get from their survey to decide whether or not they will make a policy change.

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