KSNT Sports Challenge: Kelly Moten

Lady Hornets Junior Guard from Gary, IN

EMPORIA (KSNT) – The Emporia State Women’s Basketball are looking for a return trip to the Final Four this season and it helps to have a talented junior that just loves to score.

Kelly Moten is a junior guard for the Lady Hornets. The Gary, IN native also leads Emporia State in scoring, but she revealed that her basketball skills were more of an acquired talent.

“I started playing in third grade, I really really sucked,” Moten said. “My free throws used to go over the whole backboard but I just stuck with it and i got kind off good at it.”

She got so good, that coming out of high school, she was recruited by many NCAA Division I schools. However, when she visited Emporia, she just fell in love.”

“I couldn’t see myself at a Division I school,” Moten said. “Division two was the best choice for me and just being here in general like the culture that we have, the winning atmosphere all the fans, community, they just support everything you do positively it’s just so fun to be here.”

The community at Emporia definitely love their Lady Hornet basketball, and what’s not their to love as the program always boasts deep tournament runs once March comes around. It also helps that the team is close to one another and likes to push each other to become greater.

“I mean we’re all like best friends,” Moten said. “We’re like sisters on this team right now and I just feel like we have so many limits that we can reach and we haven’t gotten yet.”

Moten’s playmaking ability definitely helps the squad during their games as she’s able to score in many ways.

“I have the ability to get to the hoop whenever I want,” Moten said. “Shooting sometimes I’m not as confident and I know I can easily get to the rim no matter what.”

However, her lack of confidence has not stopped her from trying to get better in the area.

“Just shooting on a gun and Jory making me get into the gym sometimes when I don’t want to.” Moten said about how she developed her three-point shot. “I mean just having the drive to want to perfect something that I was struggling at.”

In the meantime, I’m sure the Hornets won’t mind whichever way she scores, as long as Moten keeps it up.

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