What you need to know before exercising outside this winter


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (FOX 21 News) – With the frigid temps we have been seeing the past couple days, outdoor enthusiasts say you still don’t have to move inside to work out. You just need to have the right clothes to exercise in.

“No you don’t have to hibernate, jump start your spring get out right now,” John O’Neill, Manager at Colorado Running Company said.

O’Neill says there’s no time like now to get out and run, but before you head out the door to exercise in the elements make sure to dress in layers and warm clothes that don’t absorb sweat.

“Because cotton absorbs moisture the synthetic fabrics and keep a layer of dry insulation between your skin and outside,” O’Neill said.

Winter weather can cause slippery and icy conditions, that are why Colorado Running Company recommends running with traction devices like YakTrax and Ice Trekkers that go under your shoes.

“But you have to take them off if you are running on the road and then you have to take them off and put them in your pocket,” O’Neill said.

But there’s also another option to give your shoes traction without the hassle

“We put sheet metal screws in shoes for free,” he said.

John says cold temps and snowy conditions allow people to focus on others areas in their workout.

“You have to go slower it forces us to go slower and this is a perfect time to build base in running,” he said.

And even when Mother Nature unleashes her cold fury, O’Neill says running in the winter can still be enjoyable.

“Peace and Tranquility, running in the snow is quite, there is usually nobody out there. The crunch of the snow underneath your foot because it has its own little sound is really what’s awesome,” O’Neill said.

O’Neil also says they will also put screws in people’s shoes who are not runners but people who are just simply afraid of slipping and falling on ice this winter.
And if you’re not a fan of running, there are plenty of other fun activities you can do this winter like snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing and hiking.

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