Kansas Democrats’ 2016 goals

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Kansas Democrats laid out their goals they want to accomplish for the 2016 legislative session. However, they didn’t have specific policy proposals laid out.

“Our budget is wrecked, schools are under attack, communities are less safe, and the economy isn’t working for the middle-class family,” said House Minority Leader Tom Burroughs. “Despite the problems our government created, our best days are ahead.”

While the budget and school funding were a couple of the main issues, Democratic Minority Leader Anthony Hensley also promised legislation to lower sales tax on food.

Other goals included:

  • Creating new jobs in manufacturing, research, and biosciences.
  • An open and transparent government.
  • An efficient government that focuses on public safety.
  • Putting Kansas public schools first and finding a way to retain Kansas teachers.

When it comes to bettering education, that’s one thing both parties can agree on.

“We are the ultimate deciders on what bills go above the line in order for this to work,” says Republican Representative Jerry Lunn. “We are going to work hard in education to try and get those things pulled together and make a good first effort.”

But Democrats aren’t so sure.

“The governor has been content to lie about this issue,” says Anthony Hensley. “And shuffle the numbers around that it matters to him and his Republican colleagues.”

While Democrats currently have little power over what bills come to the floor, Tom Burroughs and Anthony Hensley say that they plan to slow any bills that doesn’t meet these goals.

This session is an important year for Democrats as they hope to pick up more seats ahead of the November elections.

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