City of Topeka begins demolishing eyesore properties

TOPEKA (KSNT) — A rundown house isn’t something you want in your neighborhood.

KSNT News has been reporting on Topeka’s eyesores and how the city plans to address the issue since 2013.

KSNT News was there on Friday morning when the city took down a house that has been a blight in the neighborhood for years. It’s just one of many steps the city will take to deal with the eyesores.

The sound of the house coming down was a relief for a neighborhood who will no longer have to deal with or look at what was once a dangerous and falling apart house.

Richard Swartzman, who lives right next door told KSNT News he “couldn’t be happier.” He also talked about the years of headaches its caused him and his property, but on Friday he was singing a different tune. He said it’s “great.” “I’ve been waiting a long time,” he said, “after all these years, it’s kind of a relief.”

And for the City of Topeka, this demolition is just the beginning.

“These kinds of buildings in the community obviously are not only dangerous to folks and kids in the neighborhood, but they also attract criminal activity that folks don’t want in their neighborhoods,” said Sasha Haehn, director of neighborhood relations for the City of Topeka.

The city is planning on demolishing 44 houses in 2016, which will cost $400,000 they were able to pull from unanticipated tax collections.

“We’re going to be able to, you know, double or triple the demolition activity that we’ve had in the past,” said Haehn

If you have an eyesore in your neighborhood and want the city to check it out, We’ve Got Your Back with that information here: City of Topeka – Neighborhood Relations

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