Topeka RoadRunners complete 3-game sweep of Odessa

The Topeka RoadRunners defeated the Odessa Jackalopes to complete the 3-game sweep.

Topeka – Andrew Hart (Seth Kamrass, Max Harper) 1:04
Period 2
Odessa – Daniel Kiraly (power play) (Hampus Sjodahl, Andrew McLean) 5:18
Topeka – Tyler Hayes (Andrew Hart) 15:19
Odessa – Hampus Sjodahl (power play) (Andrew McLean, Gray Marr) 17:28
Topeka – Quinn Preston (Marshall Bowery) 18:39
Odessa – Cooper Zech (Gray Marr, Derek Brown) 19:32
Period 3
Topeka – Cam Strong (Luka Maver) 8:31
Topeka – Yu Hikosaka (Sami Tavernier) 15:17
Topeka – Andrew Hart (Marshall Bowery) 17:41

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