Extra security at Shawnee Heights on Tuesday after threatening text message

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Shawnee Heights officials and parents are on high alert after a mass text message was sent out to students in the district on Monday night.

The text of the message read: “SHHS shootout!!!! Don’t come to school Friday January 29, 2016!!! I am sick of this talking and petty nonsense, therefore tomorrow will be our first and final SH shootout. To save a life send this message to all your friends. Anyone who walks into the building is a dead man walking. Have a blessed evening because if you have a beef it’s probably going to be your last.”


In the message Friday the 29th is cited as the date of the event, but later in the message it references “tomorrow” or Tuesday.

USD 450 responded to the message by sending a robo-call out to concerned parents saying it takes the threat seriously and will take all necessary precautions including an increased law enforcement presence tomorrow at schools.

The message is nearly identical to others received across the country, including Raytown High School in Missouri that caused the school to go on lock down.

UPDATE: Shawnee Heights Superintendent Marty Stessman sent out a mass audio message to district patrons advising the high school building will open at 7am Tuesday and students should enter the south or main entrances. Both will be staffed by extra security including Shawnee County Sheriff’s Officers who will be checking students and backpacks as a precaution.


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