Chilly today, warmer the rest of the week

We’re tracking one last chilly day before warmer weather spreads across Northeast Kansas. Daytime temperatures will be capped in the 30s across the eastern half of the area today. Counties to the south/west will see sunshine early today – helping to warm temperatures into the lower 40s by this afternoon. Meanwhile, the cloud cover will hang tough across counties to the north/east. Cities/towns along and east of US-75 will be the coolest, with highs in the lower/middle 30s. Generally speaking, ‘partly sunny’ skies will prevail today.

We shake the chilly north winds by tonight. Winds will ‘veer’ and become more south/westerly. These winds will pump warmer air into Northeast Kansas through Friday. Highs will warm into the middle and upper 40s as early as tomorrow with abundant sunshine. Bountiful blue skies will continue through the weekend, with highs peaking in the lower 60s by Friday. For those keeping score, our average high temperatures still sits at 40° – so, Friday will see temps some 20°+ above average. I hope the flip-flops aren’t too buried in your closets.

Temperatures will flip-flop, themselves, heading into February next week. At this point, we’re already tracking our next chance for rain/snow. Most longer range computer models hold off the precipitation chance until late Monday/Tuesday. Stay tuned as we fine tune the extended forecast – early next week is still a ways out. Between now and then, enjoy the sunshine and the valiant return of warmer weather.

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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