Riley County Police Department takes residents back to school in RCPD 101

TOPEKA (KSNT) — They’re big shoes to fill, but officers at the Riley County Police Department are shaking things up and letting the residents take a walk in their boots.

Riley County 101 is part of the police department’s efforts to connect with the community.

“It’s the most in-depth tour of RCPD available and a lot of the things you get to see are things most people don’t get to see,” said Matthew Droge, Public Information Officer for RCPD.

For three hours a month, citizens can sign up for any the department’s 12 scheduled classes throughout the year.

“Some of the most we received or talked about class is the tactical team demonstration. Not a lot of people get to see that in real life,” Droge says.

You can learn what goes into being a dispatcher, study a crime scene or hope a ride with the department’s officer bike team.

It’s a way to interact with local officers in a positive way.

“We actually hired a few people that were in the class last year,” said Droge

RCPD is taking you back to school and teaching you more about the community, one emergency at a time.

To learn more about RCPD 101 visit this page:

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