Individual facing serious charge in Shawnee Heights High School threat

SHAWNEE CO. (KSNT) — Last week’s shootout threat text to one local Shawnee County high school caused several law enforcement agencies to be on high alert.

The person accused of sending that threatening message has been identified.

KSNT News spoke with Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones, Tuesday afternoon, and the sheriff would not release the identity of the individual but did talk about the consequence that person could face.

Aggravated criminal threat is just one of the possible charges the individual who started this heighten concern at Shawnee Heights High School last week could be charged with.

Aggravated criminal threat is considered a level 5 felony. With a two-to-five year prison sentence.

The threat that was sent out to students read, “SHHS shootout!!! Don’t come to school Friday January 29th, 2016!! It goes on to say, “Anyone who walks into the building is a dead man walking.”

Prompting increased security in and outside of the building.

“Once we realized that any threat should be taken seriously it puts us to a point where we need to act on that. And that’s what it was, we saw this and put individuals in place,” says Sheriff Jones.

On Friday, Shawnee Heights Public Schools Superintendent Martin Stessman said in a statement to KSNT News that “The person has been identified … And will receive appropriate consequences.”

Sheriff Jones says this is a lesson to students, adults and anyone who attempts to threaten the public safety- they will get caught.

“You leave a trace. There are ways and avenues that if you put it out there, there is a way we can figure it out,” Jones says.


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